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Back in 2008 at London Stampex a couple of Airletters turned up which the dealer heralded as a new discovery for Cocos Island. Dated 9th September 1945 and written from 7136 Service Echelon (Cocos Island) the service unit for 136 Spitfire Squadron. Both airletters bearing the RAFPOST 41 postmark of 10th September 1945, it was claimed by the vendor that this was proof of RAFPOST 41 being located at Cocos. This I never accepted as there could be a number of reasons for mail to be carried to Ceylon by individual servicemen, especially with the easing of security following the Japanese surrender and also the planning of the removal of the squadron from the islands by HMS 'Smiter' an aircraft carrier.

My researches have now revealed the following entry in the Operations Record Book for 136 Spitfire Squadron (PRO Ref AIR 27/953).

" The C.O. (S/Ldr.AJM KITLEY) on Authority of the Fortress Commander, R.A.F. Cocos, proceeded by air to Ceylon on the 9th Sept. on temporary duty. The purpose of this trip was to visit 222 Group and A.C.S.E.A. regarding future movements of the Squadron."

This evidence suggests that S/Ldr. KITLEY carried some mail from Cocos for posting in Ceylon.

In conclusion, it would be wrong for Postal Historians to re-locate RAFPOST 41 to Cocos Island.
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