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An auction ended earlier today for two of George Murdoch's diaries that he kept when he was the acting Resident Commissioner on Ocean Island/Banaba in 1913 and 1915. While I was not the person who bought the diaries, I am very interested in knowing about the contents of the two diaries and would considering paying to receive photocopies or scans of the pages of the two books.

More details of the auction lot are at this link: http://auctions.freemansauction.com/auction-lot-detail/2-vols.-Banaba-Island---Manuscript-Diaries%3A-Day-book-for-191/1515+++++297+/++924693

If anyone knows who bought the two diaries or if anyone has access to photocopies or scans of the books, please let me know.
2015-04-24 01:22