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Hi all,

Phoenix Auctions [a new name] have an premises in the centre of Melbourne and first auction is Saturday 7 March

website PhoenixAuctions.com.au

Cook Islands lot 767 [SG21 Christmas Is lot 765 Fiji lots 800-831 [worth looking at Fiji collectors]
French Poly lot 837 [SG.20]
Gilbert & Ellice lots 852, 853 [including Canton 1937 NZ Solar Eclipse cover]
Nauru lots 16, 707-709, 957
Niue lot 1000 [plate proof essay]
Pitcairn [large lot of covers]
Samoa lots 1034, 1035
Solomons lots 1042-1044
Tokelau lot 1169 [just stamps accumulation]
Tonga lots 1170-1172 [incl. 1899 OHMS stampless cover]

Have alook on line
Tony Burgess
2009-02-26 06:00
Re Phoenix Auctions in Melbourne.

Like all customers of Premier Auctions I also received notification of their first auction but I was surprised to discover that successful bidders who pay via paypal will be subjected to an additional 4% surcharge.

M Douglas Arthur, Glasgow.
2009-03-10 16:12