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The 1990-1991 Emergency Surcharges
In the latter part of 1990 and early 1991 Cocos (Keeling) Islands needed to surcharge some of the 1985-86 hells & Molluscs Definitive issue. I have some questions regarding this issue.

[1] Where the stamps issued to cover new postal rates?
[2] Is there any information available regarding quantity printed or sold?
[3] Who did the surcharging?

Here attached is an interesting cover for this issue

Thank you for any information. Gus Knierim
2013-09-07 01:16
Hi Gus,
I have only just joined PISC and this is my first post.
My answer to your question (2) is that to my knowledge no printing/sales numbers are available.
Australia Post does not hold any correspondence files relating to the Cocos Bureau.
The Federal government Department (Indian Ocean Territories branch) no longer holds any files of a philatelic nature relating to that period, they having been destroyed according to normal practice. It is possible that a file may exist in the National Archives (Perth branch).
My answer to your question (3) is that the stamps were overprinted by the (then) State Printing Division of the Western Australia Government.
The short answer to your Question (1) is no. The long answer is probably best discussed off-line. Exactly how this can occur I do not know as I cannot find how to do so.
2020-05-05 04:14