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On behalf of an Australian Aerogramme collector I ask for help wit a 1952 aerogramme sent from a crew member of Lever Pacific Plantations Ltd. Lingatu - Yandina to Switzerland. The two 2d and a 6d stamp are defaced with a handstamp of three parallel wavy lines.
Maybe a reader here can tell me if these were applied with some provisional device by the Fairymead Sugar Co. manager Kevin Williamson who acted as postmaster or elsewhere.
I attach a PDF file with the image and some text.
Roland Klinger
2019-01-27 19:23
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I don't know where the wavy lines cancellation was applied but I can say that the aerogramme was correctly rated. The flat rate of 8d only became effective on 26 January 1953. Prior to that, from 1 June 1951, the rates for aerogrammes varied according to the destination.
2020-10-09 07:42