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Nice big covers from some auction houses (mainly Oz) with many stamps are spray-cancelled in the top row and other stamps omitted. Or there's no cancel at all on other covers. Many stamps are torn by the processing machine. The postman "cancels" uncancelled stamps with his biro - this is a rule here in Germany.
I don't collect modern stamps but I give the covers to some younger people here. But this is not a good way to bring them to earnest stamp collecting.
So we can only sigh and resign. Or are there other ideas?
2009-05-13 15:57
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Hi Roland and all,

Just today, a letter from UK had set of Channel Tunnel stamps with biro cancel.
Some Australian auction houses normally have nice cancelled stamps; should be easy to get these arranged to collectors
Mowbray in NZ has own cds, but usually uses older but common commemoratives.

A few eBay sellers state they dont put better stamps on covers as it attracts to steal the whole letter.
Any cover with plenty of stamps, especially commemoratives does attract attention.

2009-05-15 07:49