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Gilbert & Ellice Islands Tarawa postmark type 28 is stated as being used until 12/5/54. There is then a gap until type 35a was brought into use 20/12/54, a gap of almost seven months for which I have seen no comment. Whilst re-examining a quantity of covers not looked at for 20 years I have found an aerogramme from the wife of engineer P.H. Rose on Bairiki. The letter is dated (Sat) August 28th (1954). The canceller is certainly type 28 but appears in very poor condition. However, the 1 and 54 are clear but SP is not but a date of 1 SP54 is clearly reasonable and helps fill a gap. There are no other postal markings.
I hope this information is of some use.
2014-09-01 20:28