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On page 31 of Volume 3, No. 2 (Spring 1981) of the Bulletin of the Tuvalu Philatelic Society, Maneapa, Mr. Rodney Price wrote an article regarding five (5) Christmas Island local covers that were made in 1937. Below is an excerpt from that 1981 Maneapa regarding these covers:

“ …. He then introduced me to an interesting person elsewhere in the hall, a Mr. Selwyn Speight, who was an officer on board the H.M.S. Achilles, which called at Christmas Island in 1937. Mr. Speight described how he had met the manager of the Central Pacific Cocoanut Plantations, Ltd., Monsieur Yerabeak, and how he understand that Monsieur Rougier (presumably the nephew, since “Father” Rougier had been dead for a few years) was in prison at Papeete at the time, for having beaten a native employee who had subsequently died. Mr. Speight then described how he prepared 5 envelopes addressed to himself, c/o H.M.S. Achilles, each bearing a New Zealand 1937 Coronation 1d stamp, and had them cancelled by M. Yerabeak with the Christmas Island canceller.”

I am interested in seeing a scan or photo of these covers. Does anyone have an example to share or know where a photo of the covers can be located? Has anyone seem these covers offered for sale, either recently or long ago?

Any information that anyone has is greatly appreciated.
2014-10-25 21:46
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hi, looking through my files I found the following:
cutout from an auction catalogue for lot 1516, also a copy from a magazine showing lot 1516 as a cover. Not sure which auction nor magazine.

scan attached
2014-12-12 14:07