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The April Pacifica contains a short item from me regarding the possible discovery of an aniline printing of the 1.5d value of the 1935 Silver Jubilee issue. The only such example previously listed as a separate item occurs under Fiji. I have illustrated both "normal" and "aniline" versions of both Fiji & Solomons, and have asked if anyone has other similar examples. I have also found similar examples for Antigua; Bahamas; Dominica and St Helena all on the 1.5d value. All were printed by the same printer DLR, possibly as small size batches after the initial printings, these small batches were produced to satisfy dealer demand, so it may be that the Aniline versions, if authenticated, might only exist in mint condition. This comment applies also to Fiji, so if you have other examples please get in touch.
2016-03-22 15:46