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I don't know whether I should post here or in the Fiji section, but I thought I'd start here and then ask a related question over there.

In Bryan Jone's article on the Fiji Definitive Overprints, there's a note on the infamous 20c on 23c skewed line. And it says "Two such examples are illustrated". Did I miss it or are there no pictures to go with the note? This particular error out of all of that series is the one I've been watching and would definitely like to see as many examples as possible.

2011-01-07 15:25
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There are enough varieties of skewed overprint on the 20c on 23c to fill an album, including double and inverted overprints in some cases.

They arose randomly either as a result of sheets getting stuck and misfeeding through the printing machine, sheets getting stuck together and thus pulling more than one through the machine at a time, malfunction of the machine (which as Bryan has noted had to be replaced), inexperienced operator, perhaps occasionally distracted operator, etc, etc. (and sometimes perhaps the cause of a particular variety was a combination of the foregoing!)

Because they are randomly produced they are not afforded the same status by the catalogues as constant errors and varieties but they enhance and add interest to any collection of these issues nevertheless.

I've found a few pictures that I have been sent which may be of interest to you but I can only attach two of them herewith as the PISC server is rejecting the others for being too big. It is a shame but you can only reduce a block so much.

Very best wishes to one and all,

2012-01-24 23:28
Very nice varieties.
2012-03-21 04:49