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New Zealand Post office has now taken over from Mowbray; and a set of 4 Christmas stamps were issued 16 November 2011
Available on line at www.nzpost.co.nz/stamps, check it out

Curently only one FDC; they hope to have one for each island in future issues; I will advise when known
Am assured that issuing policy will be similar to that which they provide for Nuie
Interestingly the stamps are issued in small sheets of 16, and may continue that way
I expect to get my stamps and fdc by Friday 25 November

Tony Burgess
2011-11-17 03:45
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Hi all,

The latest new issue dated 18 June 2014, my order arrived today

The minisheet has unusual / un-equal margins

The FDC two quite different, one for minisheet, the other set of 4 stamps

As per recent issues, these FDC have no space for an address; so not the same as FDC used to be; I think a pity; being purely decorative and not designed to be handled through the post

Stamp designs are interesting and from actual photos taken in Tokelau

Regards Tony Burgess
2014-06-27 06:50
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I agree with you that having no space for the address is a mistake; how can it be described as a "cover", I wonder?
John Ray
2014-07-11 09:03