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American Philatelic Society Affiliate #226

The Study Circle was founded in Great Britain in 1962 for collectors of the stamps and postal history of the smaller Pacific islands and the Indian Ocean islands of Christmas and Cocos (Keeling). The list of territories covered include:

  • Christmas Is.
  • Cocos Is.(Indian Ocean)
  • Cook Is.
  • Easter Is.
  • Fiji
  • French Polynesia
  • Gilbert & Ellice Is.
  • Kiribati
  • Nauru
  • New Caledonia
  • New Hebrides
  • Norfolk & Lord Howe Is.
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Pitcairn
  • Samoa & Western Samoa
  • Solomon Is.
  • South American Is. & Galapagos
  • Tokelau & Union Is.
  • Tonga
  • Tuvalu
  • US Territories
  • Vanuatu

The PISC currently has around 300 members located around the world.


Fiji The Stamps and Postal History of the Islands

Fiji Display at the Royal Philatelic Society LondonFiji The Stamps and Postal History of the Islands - display booklet
Royal Philatelic Society London 12 January 2017


By John Ray and David Alford (2017)


The "Royal" has a tradition of inviting members to provide the display at its fortnightly meetings. These can either be 12 frames or 52-frames; in either case a descriptive handout is produced. Substantial displays of Fiji have not featured often in the Royal's near-150 year history; in 1986 some of HM the Queen's collection of Fiji was shown, in 1996 Tony Eastgate presented 12-frames of postal history and in 2012 another selection of HM the Queen's collection was shown. On 12th January 2017 David Alford and John Ray jointly gave a 52-frame display of Fiji and the descriptive booklet is available here.




Latest Publications

Now Published.....

Postal History - Postage Meters, Registration Labels, Machine CancellationsPostal History - Postage Meters, Registration Labels, Machine Cancellations


By John Dear (2015)


This publication combines the earlier monographs on these three subjects (originally published in 1979; 1980 and 1981), effectively three publications in one high quality up-to-date, profusely illustrated reference work, the result of much dedicated work by John Dear, who is to be congratulated on this formidable addition to the list of PISC publications.

The first section on Postage Meters in its own right occupies 120 pages. It is sub-divided into sections for each manufacturer, with each listed in ascending number order, fully illustrated in colour (with very few numbers unable to be located for illustration). Dates of use, with alternative slogans listed and illustrated, make this an ideal reference and the inclusion of a section containing photographs of the various machine types, together with a complete index of meter users adds to the appeal.

The second section dealing exclusively with Registration labels (not including registration handstamps) runs to 37 pages, with 10 different types of label identified and illustrated. Those offices using each type of label are listed with recorded dates of use, accompanied by a selection of full colour illustrations of some of the more exceptional items.

The final section dealing with Machine Cancellations runs to 61 pages, using the original 1981 study as its base with the slogan element, and the accompanying datestamps are listed and illustrated separately. Dates of use for each slogan, and each office using that slogan, have been updated to the current date, with a selection of typical covers being included. This comprehensive listing is completed with an index of individual slogans encountered. Read more...



The Picture Postcards of Fiji Third edition The Picture Postcards of Fiji Third edition


By John Dear (2015)


This latest edition (third) of The Picture Postcards of Fiji, by John Dear is now in stock, a golden opportunity for those who have yet to be tempted to add this superb reference work to their libraries. Totalling 194 x A4 size pages, and fully illustrated throughout in colour, this publication groups postcards according to a range of different publishers, starting with local (Fiji) publishers prior to 1990, and progressing through Australian; European and American publishers with additional sections on Souvenir Letter Cards; Booklets and QSL cards. The inclusion of tables of both surface and air mail rates for postcards is a welcome addition. The publication contains over 400 individual illustrations (reduced size in natural colours) of the picture side of the various types, not including illustrations of the reverse side of all earlier types. Where specific series of cards were produced lists of the individual cards in each series are included. This is a handsome publication and it is unlikely that it will ever be superseded, congratulations to John for his diligence and efforts in completing a worthwhile addition to any library. Read more...



Collecting Easter Island - Stamps & Postal HistroyCollecting Easter Island - Stamps & Postal History


by David Maddock and Steve Pendleton


Easter Island exerts a fascination well beyond the interests of philatelists, and although this joint publication by David Maddock, based on an original document produced by Steve Pendleton, refers in its title to the collection of the stamps and postal history of this unique island, the manner in which the authors have taken great pains to include a wealth of background information in conjunction with each topic makes it far more than just a philatelic reference work.

The Chapters comprise: (1) Background, History and Geography; (2) Early Postal History (to 1953); (3) Aviation; (4) Postal History (from 1953); (5) Americans and APO 09877; (6) Visiting Ships; (7) Concorde; (8) Stamps Issues (A. Chile, B. Other Countries); (9) Postal Markings; (10) Illustrated Covers; (11) Postal Stationery (Aerogrammes, Parcel Labels etc.); (12) Postcards; (13) QSL Cards; (14) Miscellaneous & Appendices

This publication undoubtedly achieves its objective of providing a complete reference work on the philately of Easter Island. Read more...


The ABPS Congress Medal for 2015 - Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones ABPS Congress Medal winner 2015Many congratualtions to Bryan Jones, PISC's Pacifica editor, on receiving the ABPS Congress Medal for 2015. From ABPS news Summer 2015:


"The ABPS Awards Committee has awarded the 2015 Congress Medal to Bryan A Jones of Solihull who was nominated by the Banbury Stamp Society. This is a thoroughly well- deserved award because Bryan is an extremely hard worker in several areas of philately. He is currently Chairman of the Midland Philatelic Federation, Chairman of the Midpex Organising Committee and has carried out several roles in the Solihull Society such as President, Chairman and Secretary Bryan has been awarded the Certificate of Recognition by the Midland Philatelic Federation for thirty years of service as packet secretary of the Solihull Philatelic Society. He has been a member of the Pacific Islands Study Circle for over forty years where he has acted as Editor of their journal and has improved the production and content. He has written much for the Society including various monographs and a book entitled “The Aviation and Airmail History of Fiji” and continues writing. Stanley Gibbons consulted Bryan when producing their catalogues covering the Pacific areas. He has contributed much information to these productions.


However the main area with which Bryan is involved is Midpex where he worked hard to form a Committee for organizing the event. The last Committee broke up some years ago, and Bryan is now responsible for the successful running of the event. He has made Midpex a thoroughly viable philatelic biennial event with good facilities, both now and for the future.


Bryan has many displays on a variety of subjects and gives presentations around the UK."