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Fellow cognicenti
Can anyone assure me that this stamp actually exists? ie perf 11 x 11.75, allegedly May 1899 (Gibbons info).
For the last 35 years I have been scanning auctions and world famous collections for evidence that it ever was.
Nothing has ever come to light.
There are however hundreds of Fournier facsimile copies of the 1/- in a dark sepia brown colour.
The tone is very easily distinguishable from the deep brown of say SG64a the perf 10, and I imagine the 11 x 11.75 perf was printed using the same ink as the p10.
Any thoughts?
2012-04-10 12:45
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Like you, I have never found an example of SG67b. If it exists, and if the catalogue descriptions of colours are consistent (a big "if"), I would expect it to be a similar shade to SG64a, which is also described as "deep brown", so it should be easy to identify. I have two perforated Fournier shilling stamps with the "Nausoripor" cancellation; one is perf 11.75 all round and the other is perf 10 all round. As you say, these are a much deeper brown than SG64a.

I don't know where Gibbons got the date of May 1899 from. Both Phillips and Purves quote the date of the final printing as 25/1/99, and Purves says that the 11 x 11.75 came from this printing. He describes the colour of the stamp as "similar to" that of the previous printing (July 1896), i.e. "yellowish brown". Phillips, however, said that he had examples of the "11 x nearly 12" in pale brown, brown and deep brown, the last colour being rare, and I suspect that this is the source of the current catalogue listing.

John Ray
2012-05-07 15:25