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I have a 5c on 23c bird overprint which shows the overprint as xyx instead of xxx on Row 8/9 (left to the 9/9 gap variety). This is probably another dry print variety, but have a look in your collection. If there are more examples around, this may well be a constant variety on part of the printing.
2011-05-25 18:49
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I checked a full sheet I have and see no evidence of same. Looks like the second X lost the lower right portion. Did you receive the item from Fiji Post, or from another source?
2012-03-19 02:16
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I am pretty certain that Horst's xyx is a result of a dry print (normally either under-inking or where some of the ink has not "stuck" to the original stamp). I've got a very similar 5c on 23c with the left hand bottom part of one of the "x"'s missing. I've dug it out and posted a scan. These are not constant errors. Mine is from Row 2, Column 8.

The stamps produced where the printing machine has been low on ink can look spectacular, the overprints fade in and fade out over a block (or sheet). I've included a scan of an example of this wishy washy overprint.

Bryan Jones mentions the stamps with part of the overprint missing in his excellent book on these issues and points out that they are more common on used stamps than on mint. I guess that suggests that sometimes the ink did not always stick to the stamp too well so little bits of it are liable to flake off. Pardon my use of technical terminology there! Horst's stamp looks to be one of the ones where a bit of the ink has flaked off (or never stuck in the first place).

These overprints are produced locally in Fiji. Post Fiji are interested in having stamps to use for local mail. As is evident from some of the stamps that have been issued, they don't insist on aesthetic perfection or uniformity when it comes to the overprints.

Best wishes,

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2012-03-19 16:49
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I would agree with Les. If it really was a letter y it would not be the same height overall as the x.

2012-05-07 14:18
I experimented with a damaged used stamp and it was pretty easy to rub off the overprint (I didn't go at it hard and I can't say that it would be possible to completely remove the overprint, nor am I suggesting that there was anything intentionally done to create the "y" on the stamp that prompted the initial message)

2012-12-27 22:02