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I'm new in the Study Circle. Some time ago I started to collect Christmas Islands Pacific locals 196-38.
I'm searching for help and above all information. Are there forgeries? For which dangerous issues should I watch out especially? Which prices are acceptable and not excessive.
A lot of questions, I know. Also I'm interested in buying items to improve my collection.
As a collector in eastern Germnay I didn't learn English ( only Russian at school) but with the help of a friend and an internet translation program I should be able to communicate.
I'd be happy to find other collectors here.
Thanks a lot in advance!
Ingomar Janot
2014-02-06 07:02
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There is a lot of Christmas Island information in both Vernon's Gilbert and Ellice Island handbook and the draft copy of Keith Fitchett's Gilbert and Ellice book. I have been studying these issues for several yeRs, and I can provide some additional information, too, via email: jmulik at gmail dot com.

2014-03-02 21:28
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Hi James!

I am very pleased that at all someone has reported. Although have also been discussed on this forum is in the area. Took almost already that give it the PISC no collectors of Christmas Island Local 1916-38. Your answer last night and you've got more than 40 views. So you already have a popular name.
Vernon (suppose stamp) I've heard a lot. But nothing more. Draft copy of Keith Fitchett's Gilbert and Ellice book I bought before short. Here is the Christmas Island is represented but only from 1939.
As I wrote, I have many questions. Sign me detail a bit later.
Please excuse me, mainly with translation program. My friend Roland Klinger, helps me when and where he can. For translations, questions, and are also a good cartwheels.

Greeting Ingomar!
2014-03-03 11:38