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Unfortunately I do not have postal stationery catalog overseas. Also has a stamp dealer in Sydney this not in his bid Christmas Islands (Registered Letter and Aerogramme) yes. But not from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
Can anyone tell me if these were real output from the post are. If so at what date. These all things are not often offered on eBay or delcampe.
In advance my thanks.

Greeting Ingo!
2014-04-07 06:04
Issue date 28 February 1992
2014-05-22 10:35
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Hello Mister Criddell!

Would like to thank you for your answer. Now I know it's an official edition. This Aerogramme are not often offered on the Internet.
I'm still new to the PISC (Sep. 2014). But the forum is a dead pants. If you have any questions, you almost never get an answer. If so, then very rare. So I had already sent to the group leader of the Christmas Island and Cocos Islands E-mails. But unfortunately received no reply. So I was able to contact a member of the PISC from overseas once. This I asked what was wrong with the forum. In response, I got this set. - So much was in the PISC forum never really going on - are all old men <Grins> and can not properly deal with a computer. -
What's there to think about the forum.
Thanks again for your answer. Please excuse I can not speak English translator.
Greeting Ingo
2014-05-22 15:40
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unused or FDC aerogrammes of Pacific Islands are very common. Commercially used, most of these are scarce.

Best regards

2015-01-08 22:07
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Hi Peik!
Sorry that I answer only now and my english (translator). I do not look so often in forum.
I give full legal. Unused (mint) or FDC aero grammes of Pacific Islands are very common. But not only here. Also in the Cocos Islands and Christmas Island (Both lie on the Indian Ocean) and many others there is this problem. So are a lot of stamps and Aerogramme these islands to the mainland (Australia) was used. Also a lot of cover and maps are created by philatelists and then shipped (Collector's post). What is rare and usually expensive. As you have already written it the pommercially. We call it here - Needs Post -. Need Post is pommercially and private mail without philatelic influence.
Best Regards
2015-01-21 07:15