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I was able to review a copy of the Fr. Rougier biography book, and it appears that most of the Christmas Island local issue references in the book were obtained from previous research done by Mr. Christian Beslu of Tahiti. A quick Google search reveals that Mr. Beslu has written several books and articles about Tahitian stamps and a few items about the Christmas Islands locals. If anyone has copies of Mr. Beslu's Christmas Island local research to share, I would be interested in learning more about that research and/or receiving scans/copies.

Thank you.

2014-10-19 01:47
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Christian Beslu's book "La Philatelie a Tahiti" includes a one-page article on Christmas Island locals and a photo page in which two typical covers and a stamp are illustrated. I will send you a scan of the text by email but I don't have time at present to attempt an accurate translation. It mainly concerns correspondence in the 1930s between the Governor of Tahiti, the UPU and the British authorities about these issues.

2014-10-29 13:58