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I have a few items from the Gilbert Islands and from Kiribati that have Honolulu, Hawaii postal markings on them. But, the majority of items that I have do not. So, I am unsure of the route that mail takes when it departs Kiribati and is bound for the United States. There are two airlines that currently service Kiribati: Fiji Airways (formerly Air Pacific, which flies to both Tarawa and Christmas Island ... and on to Honolulu) and Nauru Airlines (formerly Air Nauru and Our Airline, which connects Tarawa to the Majuro, Marshall Islands). My guess is that most of the mail travels on Fiji Airways, though, as the flights follow a regular schedule .. and Nauru Airlines tends to be irregular. That said, though, of all of the covers that I have received from Kiribati over the past 15 years, only a handful have Honolulu marks on them. In the last three years, the ones with Honolulu markings are all from Dec 2015.

I do know that all Marshall Islands mail is routed through Hawaii, as the majority of covers I receive from Majuro have Honolulu marks on them.

Does anyone know the route that mail takes/took when it is/was headed to the United States?
2016-03-07 04:27
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I have discussed this with Hugh Bennet and he has asked me to respond on his behalf. He says that it depends on where the mail was put in the post. Christmas Island posted would go to Hawaii direct, whereas from Tarawa it would go to Fiji then either UK - USA or eastwards via Christmas Island, Australia etc. to west coast USA.

2016-04-12 22:18