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I acquired a cover with GVI 2d addressed to England, and wrongly described as 1954. It is actually 3rd March 1939, and has "Airmail via RMS Niagara" on the front. I see this ship left Suva on 24th March 1939, so that would fit, but not being an expert in this route, would the cover have been shipped all the way to Vancouver and thence by air to England? Annoyingly there is no receiving date stamp, to see how long it took to get to the UK.
2022-04-06 14:18
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Hello Paul

The simple answer to your question is yes\maybe. It might have gone to the US, but there should have been a postage due note (or more stamps) as the Fiji PO did use "via the USA" but at extra cost. There was no published rate as far as I know. Bryan Jones does not suggest one in his airmail book.

It might not have gone via the quoted route. The PO may well have routed it via the Empire Airmail route as the cost was 2d.

Most of the covers I've seen via the US have backstanps. The 2d rate air mail covers to the UK don't normally have backstamps. The lack of them suggests the 2d rate is more likely. Unfortunately, the UK hardly ever seemed to put a receiving mark on items.

2022-04-12 08:22