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For those who don't know the Inland Letter rate increased to 40c (yes it doubled) earlier this month.

A new 40c/31c overprint has been issued.

2012-12-23 22:59
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The rate went up to 40c on 17th December although due to Cyclone Evan the effective release date on the stamp was 19th December, rather than 17th as intended.

The no gap stamp in Row 7 Column 10 that was constant in the 20c on 23c and 20c on 31c overprints is still there on the 40c overprints. I guess the printers just swapped the 2 of 20 for a 4!

Picture below.
2013-01-04 12:12
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Nice picture Les, good to see the R8/10 LH shift is also consistent with the 20c/31c template.
2013-01-05 00:17