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Good Afternoon All.
Having just got the April Pacifica off to the printers I thought I might spend a little of my spare time putting something on the Forum pages. Because my schedule is pretty full this will be my FIRST EVER attempt to put something on the Forum pages.
Stanley Gibbons will be publishing a second update to their specialised Western Pacific catalogue in November 2013.
I have been asked by them to update certain parts of that catalogue - particularly some of the Fiji issues.
Of great concern is the re-listing and updating of the Fiji Definitive Overprints, and I hope around June 2013 to be in a position to supply them with an updated listing which will cover the following:-
a) All new issues since the previous 2009 catalogue.
b) Details of all errors/varieties for all issues. On this subject Gibbons are adamant that they are not prepared to include what they term as "Printers Waste" in any listing, I am therefore approaching this by trying to include in my submission all "non-standard" items (ie errors/varieties and other "funnies") where I have evidence of them being postally used, giving the total number of examples recorded in each case.
c) I have discussed with Gibbons at some length the problems of adding to the existing listing (with them only having a single catalogue number for the whole range and then adding letter suffixes to distinguish different values as they appear). I believe that I have now convinced them that they need to start over again, and that to this end they will remove the previous listing and create a new listing (in similar style to that which they use currently to list the GB Machin definitives), possibly with a letter prefix, and positioned at the end of the Fiji catalogue.
d) The listing that I am compiling is an Xcel spreadsheet, and anyone who wants a sight of it should contact me (preferably at editor.pisc.org.uk) and I will oblige.
Finally there is also a good chance that we can (with John Ray & Paul Xavier's assistance get the Architecture definitive series relisted giving all different year identities a separate identification. If with John's help we can get some idea of quantities issued for each printing it may be possible to get catalogue values which more accurately reflect scarcity.
Best Wishes to all readers.
Bryan Jones (I haven't had time yet to find a photo to add).
2013-03-17 17:34
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Re the Architecture definitives, I will be in Suva between 19 and 25 May and hope to be given access to the stamp stock register at the GPO. I should then be able to establish the quantities of each denomination received in Suva, and the dates on which they were received, from which it will be possible to determine the quantities printed of each different year imprint. Discovering when they were actually put on sale is a different matter; it is theoretically possible to do this but will require more time than I may have available.
2013-04-10 10:53
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John, if you are not able to get the Architecture listings, I think I have them fairly complete from when I was there in 2010. Have not had time to put all the numbers together-- it covers 21 double page ledger sheets and the copies are not the clearest in some parts.
2013-05-06 00:01
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Bryan, I have not seen much mention of the 4mm spacing of the 1c/13-cent overprint, other than the two variances on the 5mm spacing sheet at postions 1/3 and 99, as noted in your excellent book. I know at least two sheets of the 4mm spacing exist because I received a strip of 4 from Post Fiji in March, 2009, being sent on Feb 24, 2009, and I have subsequently received two blocks-of-four from a Suva dealer who indicated he found a sheet after I queried him of the existance of same in 2011.
2013-05-06 00:22